sun & geoenergy


Dear friends,

Let AGEMA into your lives. Combine its products and let their vibration powers in you.

The “Primeval” series of energy care with SALTS, SCRUBS and MASKS, prepares the body to receive the powers of ELIXIRS.

SALTS strengthen and boost the attribute you have selected (Persistence, Patience, Deep Relaxation, Change).

SCRUBS scale, clean and clear deeply, both on a natural and an energy level.

MASKS stabilize, discharge, ground, carry messages, unlock memories.

ELIXIRS provide us with vital power, protect, change, illuminate and magnetize.

Adjust the frequency of use the products and combinations from the ‘Primeval” and “Advanced” series, depending on your needs and schedule.

AGEMA will certainly become a daily habit, as you… change… radiate… magnetize… attract your ideal environment!!!