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Laurel, rosemary, nettle, walnut, the bee, red soil.


Red soil, bee, rosemary, nettle, walnut.


Natural energy cleansing with “Hair Scrub – Energy Cleansing”.
They cleanse in depth, both on a natural and an energy level, exfoliate, boost and stimulate the lymphatic circulation. They remove dead cells and reveal clean, bright hair. They co-ordinate and bring order to the cellular functions. They activate primeval registered anti-ageing processes in our cells. Gradually, we sort out and dispose of any “non useful” element on every level, we lighten, open up and create positive, true, clean energy.  We normalize our internal and external conflicts, reconciling our inner with our outer image.
In order to perfect the result of the complete Primeval energy hair care with AGEMA, it is best to begin with Hair Scrub Pure Earth & Herbs. In between we should make use of the respective mask “Hair Shampoo – Energy Cleansing” and then we conclude the treatment with “Hair Elixir Nourishing & Repair”.

Frequency of use: Once a week or every time you wish to get rid-off anything non-compatible with your energy.